Filling the roti

Traditional Suriname roti

This type of flatbread is part of the staple diet in the Suriname kitchen. The yellow lentil filling just adds that extra …

Jerk ingredients

Jamaican Jerk

Although “jerk” might not be the nicest thing to say to someone, this Jamaican jerk recipe will turn your BBQ or kitchen …

Aubergines at the Farmers Market

Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Aubergine, locally called berehein is produced on the island. Just like the name there are many different ways to enjoy this versatile …

Curacao Farmers Market

Farmers Market on Curacao

This weekend marked the first Caribbean Spice Girl’s Farmers Market on Curacao; a place where locals display their local produce.

Make sure your fish is MSC approved!

Fab Fishcakes

Fish should be part of your diet; there are countless reasons why. Besides all those reasons we need to make a conscious …